The SuperSanctuary

Download a high-resolution SuperSanctuary map (3 MB) here.

What is the “SuperSanctuary”?

Conserving open space protects air, soil, and water quality, while providing wildlife with vital habitat, helping maintain treasured community character, and deepening our connection to the land. Over the last thirty years, the Harris Center has played an integral role in stitching together a 34,500-acre SuperSanctuary of clustered protected lands in the towns of Antrim, Dublin, Greenfield, Hancock, Harrisville, Nelson, Peterborough, and Stoddard.

The philosophy for the SuperSanctuary is that bigger is better, and the key is not who protects what but what gets protected. And while there are multiple goals, one major need, bear in mind, is room to roam.

Learn more about the value of clustered open space, and the history of the SuperSanctuary, here.