Congratulations to the 2013 New Hampshire Environmental Educators of the Year!

Congratulations to Emily Wrubel and Stacy Egan, eighth-grade science teachers in the ConVal school district, for receiving the 2013 New Hampshire Environmental Educator of the Year award!  Emily, eighth-grade science teacher at South Meadow School, and Stacy, eighth-grade science teacher at Great Brook School, both collaborate with the Harris Center on the Otter Brook Farm Project, which provides students with monthly ecological studies experiences throughout the school year.

In the words of Harris Center Outreach Coordinator Susie Spikol Faber, “Both Emily and Stacy embody the best of what teachers have to give to the world. They are compassionate and dedicated to their students. They are innovative and dynamic teachers, understanding that science is a process that is typically messy, a bit noisy, often unpredictable, and demands student questioning. They are courageous.  In a time when our educational system demands performance on high stake testing, these teachers believe in the value of leaving the safety of their classroom and Xeroxed labs for the unbound wilds of a Peterborough property. They are believers in the value of hands-on inquiry learning in the real world.”

Read more about the award, and about Emily and Stacy’s involvement in the Otter Brook Farm Project, in this article from the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript.   Thank you, Emily and Stacy, for your incredible dedication!