Help Conserve Camp Chenoa’s Wildlands!

Beaver Pond at Camp Chenoa (photo: Stephen Froling)When Camp Chenoa Girl Scout Camp on Gregg Lake in Antrim was put up for sale a year ago, the Harris Center offered to purchase the 184-acre undeveloped parcel if a potential buyer for the camp was interested only in the lakefront parcel with extensive camp facilities. In June, to our great pleasure, that scenario came to be, and the Harris Center contracted to buy the undeveloped forestland.

Direct neighbor to New Hampshire Audubon’s Willard Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, the property also contains 1,450 feet of frontage on Brimstone Corner Road. A 34-acre beaver pond and associated wetlands help protect the quality of water flowing into Gregg Lake. They also provide wildlife habitat ranked as Tier I (the highest) in New Hampshire’s Wildlife Action Plan. Existing trails to the pond and dramatic views of the Antrim Highlands will be open to the public.

Our challenge is to raise funds to meet the purchase price of $200,000 by the September 26 deadline. No small task! We are actively fundraising, but success will depend on the energy and assistance of many participants. To learn more, to join the effort, or to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact Jeremy Wilson at or (603) 525-3394.