Educators and Researchers Honored at 2016 Annual Meeting

Sharyn D’Eon (left), Principal of Chesterfield School and Harris Center naturalist Jenna Spear O’Mara (right). Sharyn received the Harris Center’s 2016 Educator of the Year Award for her tremendous dedication to getting kids and teachers outside.

The Harris Center recognized several extraordinary partners at our 46th Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 16.

The 2016 Laurie Bryan Partnership Award — honoring former Harris Center Executive Director Laurie Bryan’s achievements in working with community partners — was awarded to the Keene State College Department of Environmental Studies for their vital contributions to the Harris Center’s conservation research work. Through coursework, independent research, internships, and citizen science projects, KSC’s dedicated faculty and students have collected valuable ecological data that helps us to better steward the lands in our care. Their work also ties in with our education mission, as it provides exceptional, hands-on learning opportunities for young adults who have great enthusiasm for the natural world, but often little professional experience in the environmental field.

Sharyn D’Eon, principal of Chesterfield School, was named as the Harris Center’s 2016 Educator of the Year for her lifelong dedication to helping kids explore their local landscapes and helping teachers gain confidence and competence with outdoor natural science investigations. No child is left inside at Chesterfield School thanks to Sharyn!