The Meade Cadot Land Conservation Fund

We are excited to announce the establishment of the Meade Cadot Land Conservation Fund, in tribute to the extraordinary career of Meade Cadot upon his “retirement” in 2013. (“Retirement” is in quotes because we are grateful that Meade will continue to work on special projects as the Harris Center’s first Naturalist Emeritus!)

Meade served as Director of the Harris Center for 37 years and was responsible for creating the SuperSanctuary, a network of conserved lands spanning seven towns in the Monadnock Region. “The philosophy for the SuperSanctuary is that bigger is better,” Meade explains.  “And while there are multiple goals, one major need, bear in mind, is room to roam.”

Supporting the SuperSanctuary

The purpose of the Meade Cadot Land Conservation Fund is to honor Meade by creating a permanent fund, whose income will be used to protect and grow the 34,500-acre SuperSanctuary that he envisioned. Income from the fund may support a variety of work, including: strategic assessment of land acquisition priorities; landowner outreach and education; land transaction costs; monitoring and managing existing conserved lands; software and equipment expenses; and other land protection and stewardship needs determined by the Executive Director and Board of Trustees of the Harris Center.

Click on this image to download a high-resolution map (3.5 MB .pdf) of SuperSanctuary lands.

During Meade’s tenure, the Harris Center land program grew from the building and immediate grounds to over 20,000 acres of conserved land. This tremendous legacy of land conservation has been accomplished with minimal staffing and resources. However, sustaining the existing land base, and making strategic additions towards achieving Meade’s ultimate vision, requires funding that will permanently enhance land protection capabilities at the Harris Center.

How to Contribute

Virginia Baker gave a generous $100,000 gift to launch the fundraising, and we hope the Fund will continue to grow with additional gifts, including bequests from family and friends, in future years.

Contributions may be made through cash donations or pledges paid over a two-year period. Download a pledge form here, or contact Jeremy Wilson at or (603) 525-3394 for more information.